Saving the world.

We believe whole heartedly that our future and the protection of the environment are unquestionably connected. Our success and future growth is dependent on achieving our goals and meeting our clients’ needs without damaging our environment. Because of this, we have implemented many sustainable business practices.

Our goals and training.

  • Training chauffeurs to drive at speeds which maximize fuel efficiency
  • Filling tires with nitrogen instead of air (nitrogen leads to better fuel efficiency.)
  • Utilizing florescent light bulbs throughout our facilities.
  • Reducing number of oil changes by using 100% synthetic, extended life oil.
  • Employing programmable thermostats with “away” settings.
  • Reusing wash water when cleaning vehicles.
  • Increasing email correspondence with vendors and customers, decreasing fax messaging.
  • Digitizing faxes to view on screen, instead of paper.
  • Initiating a recycling program for paper, glass, and plastic used in vehicles, offices, and garage.
  • Tracking engine idling time with GPS system, and minimizing it as much as possible.
  • Installing motion sensor light switches in office common areas and motion sensor paper towel to conserve both electricity and paper.
  • Printing double-sided whenever possible.
  • Recycling toner cartridges from copiers, fax machines, and printers.
  • Reducing general lighting levels.